Many types of scholarships are offered by Amanah HRC depending on the merit, status, experience and needs of the students. The qualified candidates are eligible to apply for the following scholarships:

  • Merit-Based Scholarship
  • Scholarships

    A candidate securing 80% or above marks in his/her last degree is eligible to apply for merit-based scholarship that exempts the student from 25% fee of the E-Learning courses.

  • Young Professional Scholarship
  • If you have less than 3 years of professional experience after your last degree, you are eligible for a scholarship that waves 15% of the fee for our E-Learning courses.

  • Student Scholarship
  • A student currently enrolled in any university will be automatically eligible for a scholarship whereby 20% of the fee of E-Learning courses will be waived.

  • Need-Based Scholarship
  • Those highly motivated individuals who would like to make positive contribution to the society via further higher education but are faced with financial constraints may apply for need-based scholarship which, if granted, will waive off 20% of the fee of our E-Learning program.

Note: : In order to apply for any of the above mentioned scholarships, the students are advised to attach a copy of their last degree obtained, their current student enrolment certificate and/or a job appointment certificate. Additionally, one written recommendation for acceptance into the E-Learning program will be required to apply for need-based scholarship. The Recommendation Form can be downloaded here. These scholarship offers are only for individuals (not for corporate clients).

Corporate clients should contact at for group discounts.

Our Clients


Client Testimonials

Arslan Ahmed

Arslan Ahmed
Manager, Shalimar Indisches Restaurants Ulm

Halal Certification from Amanah Halal Research Centre has enabled us to grow our food business beyond our expectations. Halal Certification has proved as a symbol of trust and customer satisfaction.

Graziana Scalone

Graziana Scalone
Analyst, CMC Laboratory

I have attended two days specialized workshop organized by Amanah Halal Research Centre and I can safely recommend their training and E-learning courses. The trainers were well-prepared and course was professionally conducted.